Looking to Start Your Own Business? Unbeatable for its small size, lightweight and convenient, ideal for short trips without sacrificing the sales appeal of Italian style. Do you want to carry around a small exposure of your products? Discover the configuration that best suits your needs.


Ape Car Classic

A timeless Myth, since over sixty years of icon design and Italian Style, raises all the qualities that have made famous the Ape car in the world.

Ape Car Classic Calessino
Ape Car Classic Young
Ape Car Classic Business
Ape Car Classic Shop

Ape Car TM

If you need to load more, the APE Car Tm is robust and easy to handle vehicle, also ideal for suburban environment.

Ape Car TM Young
Ape Car TM Business
Ape Car TM Shop


Declinable for all business activities, is a full-accessorized moving shop without sacrificing practicality and compact size. Stability and reliability make it the ideal mobile Shop for medium and longer trips.


Temporary shop

Trendy, classic and strong appeal today is revisited with modern technologies of street food and with a retro design.



Practical, stable and versatile, is the innovation in the world of light transport. It is ideal both for sale and for fast deliveries. Fully customizable to suit your needs.



Lightweight, maneuverable and strong appeal allows you to reach your target everywhere, bicycle paths and pedestrian zones limited traffic. Ideal for any business.


Green shop

100% electric, zero emissions and noise allows you to move freely in the city centers and restricted traffic areas in Italy and abroad. A line of small and practical vehicles to build a clean future maintaining low operating costs.


Customize everything! 

There is no limit to the solutions that can be made when you’re the leader in Italy and abroad in the design and construction of commercial vehicles tailored for the mobile street food.

Discover the power of the group